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About Grades 6-8

Our middle school grades are an extension of the highly successful Anderson elementary school program which began in 1987. We are located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and admission is available to children from all five boroughs. Designed to meet the distinct needs of intellectually gifted students, Anderson provides an accelerated and enriched curriculum for gifted, motivated learners. By September, 2005, Anderson had its full K-8 program in place. The Anderson School is committed to balancing the social, emotional and academic development of academically gifted children, thus enabling them to realize their potential as producers as well as consumers of knowledge.

As a K-8 school, Anderson is in the best position to achieve its goal of reflecting the ethnic, racial, socioeconomic and geographic diversity of New York City.

 Creative problem solving, divergent thinking, research, independent study and self-evaluation are emphasized. We know that learning is a lifelong process.  Our children come to us with a love of learning and we work to nurture it. We also strive to give students an understanding of their responsibilities as members of society that will serve them and their communities throughout their lives.

 Anderson understands that highly gifted children are as much a "special needs" population as other, more commonly recognized populations. Helping each child in the program realize his or her full potential requires an extraordinary combination of knowledge, creativity, energy and commitment. There are many people who make the Anderson School possible, including an unsurpassed team of imaginative and caring teachers, innovative administrators and committed, involved families who sustain the program through their active participation and support.  Additionally, we have public, private and corporate contributions and grants which allow the Anderson School to continue in the spirit in which it was founded.

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We do not admit any new students into 8th grade.

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