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6th Grade Admissions

UPDATE 4/28/2015: Admissions letters will be emailed to parents by tomorrow evening, Wednesday, April 29th. Please check your Junk/Spam folder if you don't see an email from Donna Smiley.

The handouts from our Open Houses are attached at the bottom of this page.
The Anderson School is an academically selective public school that seeks a diverse student population and welcomes applications from students of all races, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds living in any of the five boroughs. 

Anderson is a K-8 school; therefore fifth graders currently enrolled in Anderson are guaranteed a seat in our sixth grade if they choose to continue at Anderson. However, we usually expand our class size slightly in sixth grade and we expect to have approximately 10 seats available in sixth grade for fall 2015.

Students must apply directly to the Anderson School using our school’s own application. Our application is separate from the district middle school application that public school students will submit to their guidance counselor. Applying to Anderson does not jeopardize a student’s chances of being made an offer from any other school.

All applicants will be ranked based on a calculation from our Eligibility Rubric that weights all components of the student’s fourth grade final report card and fourth grade NYS Math and ELA test scores. The 200 highest-scoring students, as determined by the Eligibility Rubric, will be invited to The Anderson School’s onsite admissions test.(Please do not call the school asking about your child’s chances for eligibility, since this is the first year we are implementing this process.)

After the invited students take the onsite admissions test, the acceptance list and ranked waitlist will be created using our Admissions Rubric, which includes the onsite test score, fifth grade report card, and teacher recommendations. Admissions notifications will be emailed to families in May, at the same time as all other Department of Education middle school placement notifications.

6th Grade Application Process
Three Items Must Be Received by December 12, 2014
In order fo
r a student to be considered for Anderson’s onsite admissions testing for sixth grade, the following must be received by The Anderson School by December 12, 2014:

  1. A completed online application (The link has been disabled, as the application deadline has passed.)

·     Print out a completed copy for your records.

·     Only if online submission is not possible, you may mail in a hard copy version but do not submit both(The hard copy application has been removed, as the application deadline has passed.)

  2.  A copy of the student's complete final fourth grade report card, including all teacher comments.

  3.  A copy of the student’s fourth grade NYS Math and ELA test scores

·     Parents of public school students may send us a copy of the middle school choice application or a printout from ARIS.

·     If the child did not attend a NYS public school in fourth grade, submit any standardized test scores from fourth grade and the scores will be converted.

·     If no standardized tests were taken, submit all other components of application packet. Students with no standardized test scores will not be penalized.

Mail the copies of report cards and test scores to be received by 12/12/14 to:



100 West 77th St. Room 107

New York, NY 10024 

We do not have the manpower to confirm the safe receipt of your documents - hundreds of envelopes must be opened and the data recorded. By January 26th, everyone should hear from us about their status: invited to the test, not invited to the test or documents missing.

The Eligibility Process for Anderson’s Onsite Admissions Test
The Anderson School will use the documents we have re
quested above and the rubrics below to calculate an eligibility score for each applicant. Families of the 200 highest-scoring applicants will be emailed an invitation in late January to take The Anderson School’s onsite admissions test on February 7, 2015.    

The Following is ONLY For Parents of Students Invited to Take Our Onsite Test
ur onsite admissions test is not a standardized test; it is a test written by our teachers, consisting of a writing assignment and a math assessment. Parents of those students must:

1.  Request two (2) teacher recommendations:

·     Have the student’s 4th grade teacher AND current 5th grade teacher complete our Confidential Grades 4 and 5 Teacher Recommendation Form. (Hard copies of this form were mailed to families, along with the invitation to take our test.)

·     This form must be received by February 23, 2015, submitted directly from the teacher to The Anderson School.

·     Teachers can submit via email (to: or or U.S. Mail (parents should provide each teacher with a stamped envelope addressed to The Anderson School.)

2.  Bring on the test date:

·     A copy of the student’s most recent 5th grade report card or progress report if report card has not yet been issued

·     Our 2015 Testing Confidentiality Agreement, signed by both student and parent.

·     Any other supporting documentation for consideration to explain extenuating circumstances that could affect the student in a negative manner.

The Admissions Decision Process

Offers of admission will be made and the ranked waiting list will be established based on the onsite admissions testing and score calculation of the supporting documents using the rubric below. There is no preference given to where these students live, nor do we have a sibling policy. We do not conduct student interviews or review portfolios of work.

Admissions notifications will be sent to families in May, at the same time as all other Department of Education middle school placement notifications. Students offered admission, and their parents, will have an opportunity to take a daytime tour of the school prior to the deadline for accepting our offer.                                                           

Visiting Anderson
For information about Open Houses and Tours, please visit this page.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough staff to handle all of our admissions phone calls - thank you for understanding.
If you have read this page and still have questions about the application process, contact Donna Smiley:
Marcie Shaw,
Nov 20, 2014, 1:37 PM
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