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6th Grade Admissions

UPDATE 5/7/2014: We are in the process of sending out 500 individual email notifications to families of students who took our entrance exam. We anticipate that everyone will be notified by Thursday evening, May 8th.

The deadline to apply to our 6th grade for fall 2014 has passed. If you missed the deadline, we invite you to apply to our fall 2015 7th grade class next November. 

The Anderson School (PS334) seeks a diverse student population and welcomes applications from students of all races, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds living in any of the five boroughs. Students entering grades 6 and 7 may apply; new students are not admitted into 8th grade.  This page describes the 6th grade application process; there is a separate page for 7th grade application information. For information about Open Houses and tours, please visit this page.
Students must apply directly to the Anderson School using our school’s own application. 
Our application is separate from the district middle school application public school students will submit to their guidance counselor, but has the same due date. We are not listed on any district’s application because we are a citywide admissions school. Students from any district or borough may apply, providing they meet the initial criteria outlined below. Applying to Anderson does not jeopardize your chances of being made an offer from any other school.

Every applicant meeting the initial academic criteria who has submitted an on time application will be invited to take Anderson's own admissions test given at the school which includes a writing assignment and math assessment.

Please remember that we are a K-8 school, therefore 5th graders currently enrolled in Anderson are guaranteed a seat in our 6th grade if they choose to continue at Anderson, as long as they are in good academic standing. However, we expand our class size slightly in 6th grade, so there are always at least eight seats available. For fall 2014, we know that we have at least 14 seats to fill.

If you are new to the NYC public schools (moving to NYC or switching from a NYC private school) please read this page before you continue!

Initial Admissions Criteria 
In order to maintain our high academic standards and to ensure a diverse student population, we accept applications from students living anywhere in New York City, without regard to current school district, who meet the following initial criteria:
  • High academic performance and good attendance based on report cards (interim fifth grade report card and final fourth grade report card.)
  • Public school students must have achieved a minimum score on both the 4th grade New York State tests of:
    • 343 English Language Arts (ELA(10 wrong answers - 5 more wrong allowed than last year )
    • 350 Math  (8 wrong answers - 3 more wrong allowed than last year)
    • We will not be adjusting the minimum score requirements listed above in January for fall 2014 admissions, as we have determined that we will have a large enough applicant pool using the current criteria. 
  • If the student has not been attending a New York State public school, submit any standardized test documentation from 4th grade. If no standardized tests were taken, submit all other components of application packet. Our admissions committee will determine if these students will be invited to take Anderson's entrance exam.
  • A strong teacher recommendation (two recommendations, only if not attending a NYC public school)
  • An application submitted/postmarked by Friday, December 13, 2013 - there are no exceptions. 

Application for 6th Grade – 3 actions required: (Please note: our website, online form and documents are all Google-based. Internet Explorer is not always able to open Google products, so if you are having difficulties, try opening our website in another browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.)

1. Fill out the online Student Information/Application Form here. (The deadline to apply has passed, so the link has been disabled.)

2. Download the Application Instructions here.

Selection Process
Every applicant meeting the initial academic criteria who has submitted an on time application will be invited to participate in an admissions test given at the school that includes a writing assignment and math assessment. This test is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, January 11, 2014, by invitation only. The acceptance list and ranked wait list will be created after a thorough evaluation of the student's performance on the onsite test, report cards, test scores, and the teacher recommendation. There is no preference given to where these students live, nor do we have a sibling policy. We do not conduct student interviews or review portfolios of work.
Admissions notifications will be distributed to families in May, 2014, at the same time as all other Department of Education middle school placement notifications.
Visiting Anderson
For information about Open Houses and Tours, please visit this page.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough staff to handle all of our admissions phone calls - thank you for understanding.
If you have read this page and still have questions about the application process, contact Donna Smiley: