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7th Grade Admissions

UPDATE 1/22/2015: We will not be posting any information about seventh grade admissions until after Hunter High School has sent out their admissions notifications. Only then will we know whether we will have seventh grade seats open for fall 2015. Please check this page again in late February 2015 (estimate) for updates on the number of seats available and details outlining Anderson's new admissions process and deadline. Please do not call the school, as we will not have any details to give you before then. 

On March 31, 2014, the New York State Legislature passed a law prohibiting school districts from making “any student promotion or placement decisions based solely or primarily on student performance on the state administered standardized English language arts and mathematics assessments for grades three through eight.” The New York City Department of Education is requiring schools to develop new admissions processes that comply with the new legislation. We have not finished developing our process for admission into seventh grade and once it is finished, it will need to be approved by the DOE. If we find that we will have seats available for fall 2015, we will post the information on this page in late February or early March.

For information about Open Houses and Tours, please visit this page.

The Anderson School (PS334) seeks a diverse student population and welcomes applications from students of all races, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds living in any of the five boroughs. Students entering grades 6 and 7 may apply; new students are not admitted into 8th grade. This page describes the 7th grade application process; there is a separate page for 6th grade application information. For information about Open Houses and Tours, please visit this page.

Students must apply directly to the Anderson School using our school’s own application.
Students from any district or borough may apply.

Most years, a number of our students are accepted into Hunter College High School, which begins at 7th grade. We never know how many 7th grade seats are available until those students decide whether or not to attend Hunter (in late March.) 

If you are new to the NYC public schools (moving to NYC or switching from a NYC private school) please read this page.

Visiting Anderson
For information about Open Houses and Tours, please visit this page.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough staff to handle all of our admissions phone calls - thank you for understanding.
If you have read this page and still have questions about the application process, contact Donna Smiley: