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Lunch Menus

Lunch menus are attached at the bottom of this page. Please remember that menus can change if there are food delivery delays!

About Our Lunch Program

Dear Parents and Guardians:

As I am sitting at my laptop I am praying for sun tomorrow. Cynthia Tomasini, my cohort from WITS who provides support across the Street at PS 87, is coming to help me do Solar cooking on the playground at lunch. We will be doing nachos with cheese made more nutritious with julienne of kale. May the Sun god be with us

Also next week Anderson will have their final lab which will feature leafy greens and homemade salad dressings to don them. The reports are that the labs have been super successful and are having the desired effect of having the children eat more salads.

I have spent been doing smoothie making in the lower grades at Anderson and across all grades at 452 when testing is not the priority. The children seem to have an endless appetite for them. I couple making the treats with a game called “Name that Fruit” to test their seasonal fruit knowledge. The fruit knowledge was gauged age appropriately. There were also Pina Coladas served for the children with allergies to dairy.

I thought I would note our logo above recognizing Wellness in the Schools Tenth Anniversary. We started with five years of volunteerism and five additional years of structured work in the kitchen at our schools. There are plans afoot to take our mission national.

However, all politics (and-- food is political) is local. Wherever we go, our roots and success are here and in great measure thanks to the support we receive in working with many of you. On behalf of WITS I thank all the parents, administrators and teachers who have joined with us in our mission.

Have a glorious summer and I will see you in the cafeteria and the classroom in the Fall.


Anne Williams (aka Chef Annie)
WITS Liaison O’Shea Campus

Goals for Cook for Kids:

• To provide a salad bar daily that offers two lettuces, three additional vegetables, and one
fresh composed salad.
• To provide salad dressings made from scratch.
• To provide at least one fresh fruit daily (not canned or in syrup).
• To ensure that vegetables served are fresh (frozen only when necessary and never canned).
• To ensure that at least 60% of the meals offered each week are made from unprocessed
ingredients (at least 3 times/week). We eliminate all foods that list more than 5 ingredients.
• To offer only whole grain pasta, bread and rice.
• To ensure access to water daily at lunch.
• To eliminate sweetened milk.
• To offer grass-fed beef at least twice each semester.
• To support sustainable disposable recycling efforts by eliminating the use of styrofoam trays
at least two days/week (Trayless Tuesday and Pizza Friday).
• To eliminate the service of meat products at least one day per week.
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