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Lunch Menus

Lunch menus are attached at the bottom of this page. Please remember that menus can change if there are food delivery delays!

About Our Lunch Program

September 28, 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians:

It hardly seems possible that WITS is entering its fifth year at O’Shea and four years for me! It is such a pleasure to return to all three schools.

I have been in the Cafeteria weekly and this is the smoothest return to cooking I have encountered. While our cooking staff is small, they are dedicated.  We have three players who truly care about cooking and feeding our children healthy food.

Last week as I was signing in, one of my 452 moms stopped to tell me that she had planned to serve chicken for dinner the night before. However, when she told her daughter, her daughter said she had already eaten chicken for lunch and it was “delicious”.  Hurrah!

This year I thought it would be a change and more purposeful to have Wellness Meetings with students from all three schools. I want to get their perspective as well as have them try new foods for opinions and improvement. There are many areas in which we have little leeway, but in working directly with the students there are hopefully areas where we can use their feedback. Our first meeting is on Friday. 

Anderson will have a special treat next month when our first lab focusing on tomatoes will be taught by members of Les Dames Escoffier’s New York chapter. They offered tastings and participated in Kid Fit last year. This year, they will lend their culinary expertise to the classroom.  We welcome their addition to the classrooms.

I am planning our first Café Day honoring the apple but this time with a twist. I am having the classes at O’Shea and 452 make the tastings the day before. O’Shea’s Café Day will be November 7th with preparation of Apple Crisp as a WIT BITs on the 6th.

I am trying to finalize an Apple Sauce making WITS BITS for 452, but have yet to finalize a day to have them put to work. More information on that will follow.

As always, I welcome comments, suggestions, and critiques. I answer all my emails so please feel free to express yourselves.


Anne Williams (aka Chef Annie)
WITS Liaison O’Shea Campus 

Goals for Cook for Kids:

• To provide a salad bar daily that offers two lettuces, three additional vegetables, and one
fresh composed salad.
• To provide salad dressings made from scratch.
• To provide at least one fresh fruit daily (not canned or in syrup).
• To ensure that vegetables served are fresh (frozen only when necessary and never canned).
• To ensure that at least 60% of the meals offered each week are made from unprocessed
ingredients (at least 3 times/week). We eliminate all foods that list more than 5 ingredients.
• To offer only whole grain pasta, bread and rice.
• To ensure access to water daily at lunch.
• To eliminate sweetened milk.
• To offer grass-fed beef at least twice each semester.
• To support sustainable disposable recycling efforts by eliminating the use of styrofoam trays
at least two days/week (Trayless Tuesday and Pizza Friday).
• To eliminate the service of meat products at least one day per week.
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