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Lunch Menus

Breakfast and lunch menus can be accessed via this link. Anderson serves the K-8 Alternative Lunch Menu. Please remember that menus can change if there are food delivery delays!
Lunch Menus

Anderson provides Wellness in the Schools, a national non-profit service that provides nutrition education and healthy scratch-cooked meals. In addition to the hot meals provided, there is a salad bar at every lunch period.

Chef Cynthia teaching Kindergarten how to make applesauce.

PS 11, 87 and O’Shea WITS Liaison

Goals for Cook for Kids:

• To provide a salad bar daily that offers two lettuces, three additional vegetables, and one
fresh composed salad.
• To provide salad dressings made from scratch.
• To provide at least one fresh fruit daily (not canned or in syrup).
• To ensure that vegetables served are fresh (frozen only when necessary and never canned).
• To ensure that at least 60% of the meals offered each week are made from unprocessed
ingredients (at least 3 times/week). We eliminate all foods that list more than 5 ingredients.
• To offer only whole grain pasta, bread and rice.
• To ensure access to water daily at lunch.
• To eliminate sweetened milk.
• To offer grass-fed beef at least twice each semester.
• To support sustainable disposable recycling efforts by eliminating the use of styrofoam trays
at least two days/week (Trayless Tuesday and Pizza Friday).
• To eliminate the service of meat products at least one day per week.
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