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School Contacts

FALL 2019
Every Tuesday afternoon from 2:40-3:20PM Anderson teachers are available for parent engagement. This includes emails, phone calls and face-to-face meetings with current parents. If you need to schedule a meeting or phone call, please send in a note with your child or email.


Jodi Hyde Principal
Nicole Chandonnet Assistant Principal
Gail Ridder Guidance Counselor
Donna Smiley Community Coordinator
Ana Crenovich Parent Coordinator

Aitchison, Robert Teacher, Art Support
Alonso, Jessica K-4 Spanish
Callahan, Angelica Teacher, Grade 6 ELA
Ceho, Eldina Teacher, Grade 3
Cohen, Leni Teacher, Kindergarten
Conway, Charlies Teacher, Grades 4, 5 Science
Fatone, Robert Teacher, P.E/Health
Feick, Bonnie Teacher, Grade 4
Fisher, David Teacher, Music
Flint, Pamela Teacher, Grade 3
Fox, Michael Teacher, Grades 7,8  Social Studies
Freund, Megan Teacher, Grades 7,8 ELA
Giazitzoglou, Aliza Teacher, Grade 1
Guinnip, Devin Teacher, Grade 6 ICT
Kabahar, Karen Teacher, Grade 7 ICT
Kozol, Mary Lou Teacher, Enrichment
Lazarus, Lauren Teacher, Grades 5,6 Math
Levine, Heather Teacher, Grade 2
Mastic, Marianna Teacher, Grade 4
McCormick, Rachel Teacher, Grades 5-8 Spanish
Moy, Robert Teacher, K-5 Science Support
Mucha, Michael Teacher, Grades 5,6 Social Studies
Nahabedian, Vahan Teacher, Art
Paulynice, Martine Teacher, Grades 7,8 Science
Reidy, Meghan Teacher, Grade 5, ICT
Rosenberg, Brandon Teacher, P.E./Health
Russo, Stefanie Teacher, Grade 2
Scahill, Eileen Teacher Grade 8 ICT
Simani, Ladan Teacher, Grades 7,8 Math
Skolnik, Samantha Teacher, Kindergarten
Volpe, Alyssa Teacher, Grade 1

Jacobson, CarliOccupational
Kaufman, TovaSpeech