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School Contacts 2015-2016

Every Tuesday afternoon from 2:40-3:20PM Anderson teachers are available for parent engagement. This includes emails, phone calls and face-to-face meetings with current parents. If you need to schedule a meeting or phone call, please send in a note with your child or email.




Jodi Hyde


Denise Jordan

Assistant Principal

Rob Schliessman

Assistant Principal

Gail Ridder

Guidance Counselor

Office and Support Staff:



Carmen Guerra

Payroll Secretary

Marcie Shaw

Parent Coordinator

Donna Smiley

Community Coordinator

Judy Lief Recalde


Carly Jacobson

Occupational Therapist

Tova Kaufman

Speech Pathologist

Laila Lyngstad

English Language Learner Instructor




 Leni Cohen


 Samantha Skolnik


 Heather Levine

 First Grade

 Aliza Giazitzoglou

 First Grade

 Stephanie Russo

 Second Grade

 Alyssa Volpe

 Second Grade

 Bonnie Feick

 Third Grade

 Dianne Kirksey-Floyd

 Third Grade

 Tara Sheridan 

 Fourth Grade

 Molly Sardella

 Fourth Grade

 Jennifer Cain

 Humanities - Grade 5

 Lauren Lazarus

 Math - Grades 5, 6

 James Woo

 Math - Grades 7, 8

 Charlie Conway

 Science - Grades 4-6

 Stefanie Fier

 Science - Grades 7, 8

 Megan Freund

 ELA - Grades 6, 8

 Johanna Gartland 

 ELA - Grades 6, 7

  Michael Mucha


 Social Studies - Grades 6

 Music - Grade 4, 5

 Michael Fox

 Social Studies - Grades 7, 8

 Pam Flint

 Spanish - Grades K-6

 Nicole Chandonnet

Spanish - Grades 7, 8

 David Fisher

 Music - Grades K-8

 Vahan Nahabedian


 Art - Grades K-8

 Jesse Sanchez

 Physical Education/ Health - K-8

 Josh Knight

 Anderson Action

 Mary Lou Kozol


 Robert Moy

 Science Facilitator - Grades K-3

 Nicole Unger

 Academic Intervention