Health & Media Productions

posted Apr 29, 2011, 11:21 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 23, 2011, 1:09 PM ]
Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Schliessman's health classes put together some amazing digital productions.  Read about them in their own words, and check out the sample production below, then go to the Health, Physical Education, and Athletics website and read and watch more!  


Students were given a specific topic from one of the 3 broad topics listed above.  Students were responsible for researching their area of nutrition and publishing the information they found using a multimedia presentation.  Using our Mac laptop computers, students had the choice of iPhoto and iMovie, or the online animation tool:


A goal of mine for my health class is to produce health literate students. Today, health literacy cannot be separated from media literacy. Students today receive an enormous amout of information about health related issues through the media that surround them daily.  Students read about health in magazines and newspapers or online, hear about health on the radio or television, and see health-related advertisements on the street. To make healthy decisions, students need to be able to take messages in, think critically about what they are viewing, and reflect on how those messages affect their health and lifestyle. 

Rather than have the students put together Powerpoint or Keynote presentations and read off of the board, I wanted the students to create multimedia presentations that give them a voice in the media formats that they experience everyday -- to combine audio, graphics, and images to create digital stories.  Students in small groups were given a choice of different presentation formats which allowed different types of learners to excel in different aspects of the production process.