Spelling Bee


Spellbinder Of A Bee!

 Let the trumpets sound for our Junior Spelling Bee champs Carter (Grade 3) and Isabella (Grade 4) for giving a super effort in the district Just For Fun Spelling Bee elementary division on February 29th.  Parents and teachers were at the edges of their seats as they watched over 30 Grade 3 to 5 spellers tackle words such as turbulent, symphonicpyrite, and hibiscus.  In the end, P.S. 9's representative captured the first prize by nailing the word fluvial (of or relating to rivers).

2020 Junior Spelling Bee Final - Spelling With The Stars

On February 14th our Grade 3 and 4 classes came to the auditorium to cheer on the 8 school finalists in our fifth annual Junior Spelling Bee.  
These super-spellers were the winners of their classroom spelling bees which took place the week before.
Round 1 was nicknamed the Spelling With The Stars Round.  Before the bee, the students got to study words  such as rhododendronseismographereucalyptus, and pterodactyl!  But the kids were fearless; no wonder this was the Spelling With The Stars Round.
Round 2 and beyond consisted of Surprise Words that the spellers had no opportunity to study ahead of time.  They zipped through verminlocustplanktonnebulacanopyopaque, etc.   In the end, the two top spellers were Carter (Grade 3) and Isabella (Grade 4).  Carter and Isabella will next participate in the February 29th, 2020 district Just For Fun Spelling Bee (Elementary Division).
Congratulations to all of our finalists!