Current Families

School Contacts



Name Role Email
Jodi Hyde Principal
Nicole Chandonnet Assistant Principal
Gail Ridder Guidance Counselor
Donna Smiley Community Coordinator
Ana Crenovich Parent Coordinator




Name Role Email
Carly Jacobson Occupational Therapist
Tova Kaufman Speech Pathologist
Oni Hardware-Hawkins Social Worker

WEBSITES: Which ones and what they are for

DOE MySchools – only for applying to schools. Used to apply into and out of Anderson

DOE NYC Schools Account – to view attendance, report card grades, standardized test scores. 

DOE Student Account – for access to Google Classroom and other apps

Community Resources

Mandatory forms: form and pen Afterschool programs: girl coloring Chess Program: Chess pieces Summer Assignments: Books Technology Resources: Keyboard School Leadership Team: Adults working together  Resources: Students working on a computer