The core curriculum of the Anderson School is shaped by the New York City and State Framework for grades K-8. Within the structure of our classes, there is enrichment and/or acceleration across all subject areas. A unique combination of teaching styles guides gifted children in the development of higher level thinking skills.

Our curriculum builds on fundamentals to promote a hands-on, discovery approach to learning. Children work both independently and in groups on projects that stimulate their powers of logic and imagination. Creative problem solving, divergent thinking, research, and self-evaluation are emphasized in each classroom, in tandem with more traditional skills. At the same time, our children are assisted in developing essential social skills; sensitivity to and respect for others, effective communication and self-esteem. Guiding them are talented educators whose awareness of the needs of intellectually gifted children inspires teaching that is both dynamic and nurturing.

During the summer of 2012, several Anderson School teachers and administrators developed and codified a K-8 Grading Policy. It was refined further in 2013 and again in 2014. You can find Grading Policy information for parents here. (You may need to download the document from Google Drive.)