School Leadership Team

The fundamental purpose of the School Leadership Team (SLT) is to determine a school’s educational direction – that is, the school’s overall educational vision, its goals and priorities, the strategies that will be used to achieve that vision and the alignment of resources to accomplish those strategies. To fulfill this purpose, the SLT is required to develop a Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) each year. The team brings together the different perspectives of the administration, teachers and parents to develop a culture in which there is a shared goal for all children to achieve high levels of learning and a spirit of partnership among all constituencies to achieve this goal (adapted from the School Leadership Team: Roles and Responsibilities 2016,and the Chancellor's Regulations 2007).

The SLT at Anderson has 15 members. All SLTs have three core members: the Principal, the PTA president, and the Teacher's Union Representative. Anderson's SLT's bylaws provide for parent and teacher grade representatives (K-2, 3-5, 6-8), and parent and teacher at-large representatives (K-4, 5-8), a PTA representative, and the Student Council President.

2022-23 SLT Members

Jodi Hyde, Principal
Amanda Gelber, PTA President
Charles Conway, UFT Chapter Leader
Michael Zigman, PTA Rep to the SLT
Michael Fox, Gr. 5-8 Teacher At Large
Meghan Reidy, Gr. 3-5 Teacher Representative
(TBD), Gr. 6-8 Teacher Representative
(TBD), Gr. K-2 Teacher Representative
Michael Fox, Gr. 5-8 Teacher at Large 
Ursila Jung, Gr. 6-8 Parent Representative
Jennifer Becker, Gr. K-2 Parent Representative
Caroline Werner, Gr. K-4 At Large Representative
Jennifer Thaler, Gr. 3-5 Parent Representative
Christina Kang, Gr. 6-8 Parent Representative

Meeting Dates

The 2022-23 school year SLT meeting dates are to be determined.